BM Ticket Raffle!

That's right, we will be raffling off a Burning Man ticket as part of our fundraising. 

NOTE: The Raffle is now over. Winners are listed below next to the prize. This was also announced on eplaya.
Thank you for your support.

First Prize:  One 2014 Burning Man ticket. (does not include vehicle pass): Winner: Tamara Price
Second Prize: A personal tour of The Sylvan Path. Either at a local event, it's home in Phoenix or on playa.:Winner: Cary Riall
Bonus Prize: A ride from North Phoenix to Burning Man with minimal stuff. Exclusions apply on space, timing and early entry. : Winner Casey Frances

  1. Use the Donate link to the left to donate $15 for 1 raffle chance, $30 for 2, $45 for 3, $60 for 4, etc.
  2. Email us with your name and email by clicking this link -> RAFFLE  This opens a mail window to send a mail to   Doing this puts you in the random generator for the drawing.
Raffle tickets on sale from 3/20/14 to 6/5/14
Drawing will be on 6/9 in front of a live audience. (Aprox, 6:00pm MST). Notifications to the winners will be by email the same day. Notification to the various places we have posted will also be done the same day.
Drawing of all prizes will be done by random draw. computerized names in a hat method.  (note: the dates and method changed a little bit to comply with eplaya rules for posting)
The Bonus Prize is transferable and must go to someone with early entry to Burning Man. (or we can leave you in Fallon NV).
The project caravan will be leaving very early on 8/21/14.  Space is very limited, so only availability to light travelers. 
Exclusions: No direct family members in the raffle please, it looks bad. Friends, camp mates, casual acquaintances and strangers are all welcome :)
Morality: We are not intending to sell a Burning Man ticket at more than it's face value. The ticket will be a gift to the person who is randomly drawn. All raffle sales will be donations to the project.
No purchase is necessary to enter this raffle.(because that might be the law). But this is a fundraising thing, so donate. To enter with no donation send a self addressed hand written envelope to 37211 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix AZ  85086.  A 8 1/2" x 10" piece of paper must be included with your name, email address and the words "I'm a cheap son of a bitch".