Construction Blog

  • The Sylvan Path will have 5 main elements and a few "accessories" that we'll keep to our selves.
  • The frame will consist of 1" conduit assembled into 10' x 10' sections. Each section will be covered with a wire grid and shade material.  These sections will allow the forest to be modular so that 10x10 forest, a 20x20 forest, a 30x30 forest or a 40x40 forest are all possible,  depending on the need and on the venue
  • The trees will be composed of custom made green "pool noodle" material hanging from the grid. The arrangement of these green elements will be varied each time the Sylvan Path is constructed
  • Paths will be formed by lack of noodles and also by other means we are saving a surprise for participants The  primary path will be curving and delineated by a lack of "trees," although there will be surprises that the participant will need to  navigate around.
  • A forest soundscape will be created by a small number of speakers producing ambient sounds
  • Sound: A number of small speakers putting out ambient sounds to help it all feel like a forest.
  • Lighting: TBD, but under consideration are LED lights covering the entire top of the structure to act as "stars"
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED:  The frame was tested at the 2013 Burning Man festival as the shade structure for Deviant Playground.  The frame proved reliable and easy to assemble.
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED:  A deal has been secured with a manufacture to make the "trees". An entire shipping container will be headed our way in a month or so.
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED: The shipping container full of the "trees" arrived and has been unloaded. Wow that's a lot of them...
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED: A tree design was settled on and 1/4 of them made.  The frame design was finalized and 1/4 competed. In time for our large fundraising party.
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED: Fundraising party was a success and we left the one section up for close to a month as a long term test. No real problems.
  • MILESTONE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED: Full frame setup and 1800 "trees" setup at the Saguaro Man regional. Some design changes made due to this test in order to make it a little easier to setup. Also the addition of a trash fence like material around the outside is likely as it prevents fast running and bikes.